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PALM EXPO Beijing 2011

The 20th China International Exhibition of Pro Audio,Light,Music and Technology,that is coorganized by China Entertainment Technology Association & China Technology Market Management & Promotion Center IIR Ltd.(Exhibition division) had been held on May 30th to 2rd Juny at Beijing Exhibition Centre in Beijing.

Some new productes of Dortron Showtec had been showed in the 20th China International Exhibition of PRO Audio,light,music & Technology.The chief manager of Dortron Showtec Mr.Machile Lee and the International sales director Mike Xu enjoyed the opportunity to personal engage in business with distributors and customers.So many customers are interested in our high pexel LED Matrix.All the files(include picture,video and so on)you can open in the computer can be display in it. (2012-02-06)

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