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The Celebration of Our New Pro Light Showroom

Dorton Showtec's new Pro Light showroom have been finished on December 10, 2011. Most of our friends and partners have been invited to our new showroom and join our celebration.

All the show lighting in the new showroom are designed and produced by our own. Including Moving Heads, Lasers, LED Lighting and the architectural lights. Dortron Showtec is a company with a 8 year history. Who is still just like a young energetic man traveling in the business world looking to seize every opportunity. Her staff is continually working hard to bring further development and place the greatest importance on "Cooperation, Innovation, Quality and Efficiency ".

Dortron Showtec believes that technology is the most important element in productivity and with their experience and expertise they believe strongly in maintaining and developing educational exchanges with colleges and institutes. Dortron Showtec has always been a hard working team, doing our best to manufacture the best products for our customers.

Hereby, we must thank all of our friends worldwide and let you know that it is you that helps Dortron Showtec has a bright and confident future. (2012-02-06)

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