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DMX Haze Machine, 1500W, 3.0L

¢ Large haze output
¢ Two wind output mode, indoor and outdoor
¢ After 1st heating, in case less than 50% output, long time use
¢ Little water vapor condensation

 Technical Info

¢ Power Supply: AC100V-120V, 220-240V; 50/60Hz
¢ Fuse: 220-240V/8A
¢ Heater: 1,500W
¢ Warm Up Time: approx. 6 min 
¢ Fuild Consumption Rate: approx. 25ml/min
¢ Output Volume: approx. 3,500 cu.ft/min
¢ Tank Capacity: 3 Liter
¢ Max. Output Distance: approx. 6m
¢ Both Electronic and Mechanical Temperature Control
¢ Fan Angle is adjustable
¢ Haze output volume is adjustable
¢ Fan Speed is adjustable 
¢ Oil-free protection
¢ Standard Configuration Control Mode:
   DMX+LCD Wire controller
¢ Setting and Addressing: Blue LCD
¢ DMX Data In/Out: XLR 3Pin &  XLR 5Pin
¢ Power In: IEC
¢ Housing:  Iron
¢ Housing Color: Black
¢ IP Rating: IP20
¢ Environment Temp: -30<C-45<C
¢ with two top handles
¢ Package Dimensions(mm): L690*W400*H350
¢ Net Weight: 13.5kg 

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