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Privacy Policy
Our Policies on Privacy, Confidentiality and Personal Information Collection:

1. We undertake the responsibility to protect your identity and the personal information submitted through the Internet in the same way as we protect it any other ways we deal with you: face-to-face contact, by mail or by the telephone. This information will be guarded from un-authorized accesses and disclosure.

2. When you surf this site as a visitor, you may choose to remain anonymous. We respect your rights in getting to know more about our company background, new products and services without giving us any information about yourself.

3. In the event that you provide personal information when requesting or obtaining services from us, we will not disclose (sell, share and divulge) it to any other organization which is not a party of the organizations directly involved in the delivery of the services that you have chosen. Unless we have successfully informed you, obtained explicit authorization from you, or are required to do so by law as applicable, we will not disclose the personal information that you have submitted to us for the purposes of obtaining our services. We will maintain and handle your personal information, as well as your business activities and transactions (if any), strictly in accordance with our internal security and confidentiality standards and will not use this information outside of their intended purposes.


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